Miss Sam Buca the interview!

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The international Miss Sam Buca sadly passed away unexpectedly in May 2019. This interview was first published in March 2015 on the old www.gayleeds.co.uk website. It is posted here in full as a tribute to the late great and Wakefield born Miss Sam Buca.

Miss Sam Buca was performing live at the Viaduct Showbar in gayleeds on Saturday 21st March (2015) at 6pm. www.gayleeds.co.uk caught up with the diva herself prior to her then-upcoming gayleeds show to ask a few questions, here is the exclusive www.gayleeds.co.uk interview with the one and only (thank god!) Miss Sam Buca.

GL: Now we know that you’ve been to gayleeds (Leeds) before but can you remember the first venue in gayleeds that you went to? 

SB: The first venue I went into in gay Leeds was ‘the base’… I was dressing my sorely missed friend the great late Adrian James when he was doing cabaret.

GL: What is your favourite venue in gayleeds and why? 

SB: To be honest, I don’t really have a favourite. I find Leeds has a great variety of bars depending on what mood you’re in.

GL: Where can you usually be found at 3.30am on a Sunday morning? 

SB: If I’m not on the road travelling back from a gig, I’m usually propping up a bar somewhere!

GL: How long have you been in the drag business and how did you get started?

SB: I’ve been in the business a good 14 years now and it all started for me when two of my dear friends, Miss Blanche and Lexi Legs, saw me trannying around in ‘downtown’ in Wakefield… Miss Blanche said to me “let me see you walk… Ok, you’ve got a job!” and it’s been non-stop since then.

GL: Who are/is your Drag Idol/idols and why?

SB: I have many inspirations from acts that I’ve grown up with but my all-time drag idol is the legendary ‘Danny la Rue’… He made drag respectable through his sheer talent, glamour and charm. There is no one and never will be anyone like him.

GL: Do you think Drag Queens/Hosts often insulting tongue in cheek humour sometimes goes too far, do you think that people are getting too sensitive these days?

SB: To be honest I think it’s swings and roundabouts… I am of the belief you always have to be respectable to your audience as they are the reason we do our job but also some audiences can easily take things the wrong way.

GL: Is it safe to say that you have a special place in your heart for neighbouring Gay Wakefield, is there any moment from your time in Gay Wakefield that sticks out in your memory?

SB: My first ever gay pride in Wakefield sticks out in my memory, riding around in full drag with Miss Blanche and Lexi Legs, in a convertible…very ‘to wong foo’ it was ace!

GL: Speaking of Wakefield, you recently did a charity gig for ‘Cuddle Cots’ in Wakefield, tell us a little about that?

SB: Cuddle cots is a fabulous charity that provides cuddle cots.. these enable the parents of stillborn children the time they need to create memories with their children.

Unfortunately, the hospitals don’t have funding for them and they cost £1500, so many grieving parents do not get the chance of a cuddle cot. So I and the team at ‘Ellis’ cradle’ put on an event to raise as much money as possible to go towards more cuddle cots…the night was a great success and stay tuned for more details.

GL: What was the last Pride event you went to?

SB: Barnsley pride…I was booked as a cabaret.

GL: Do you think Pride events and LGB&T Venues are still relevant in today’s society?

SB: Most definitely! We need to remember the people who fought so we are able to live the way we do today.

GL: If the punters at your venues were to buy you a drink, what would it be?

SB: Hmmm, most probably whiskey! I do like my whiskey!

GL: Has the region that you grew up in found itself being portrayed in your drag alter ego? 

SB: In all honesty…No!

GL: Who do you prefer Diana Ross, Celine Dion or Whitney Houston?

SB: They are all fabulous but if I really had to choose it would be Miss Ross!

GL: If you had to choose a holiday destination would it be Barnsley, Birmingham or Bradford?

SB: Well I wouldn’t particularly choose any as a holiday destination! Holidays to me are about the sun!

GL: Finally anything else you would like to mention?

SB: I’m very much looking forward to returning to gayleeds and to the Viaduct Showbar this Saturday at 6pm, It will be nice to see familiar and new faces.

GL: Thanks for doing this interview!



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